Positioning statement:

www.liferainspoetry.com is an inspirational guide for the upwardly-mobile urban African youth . It seeks to position itself as a soul brand that speaks and connects to the language of young aspiring leaders: in business, arts, media and civil society.

Essentially it strives to position itself to the core of our existence: the pursuit and fulfilment of our opulent self.  It is a space to reflect, learn and unearth your own leadership signature in order to create opportunities of influence.

Our Target Audience:

Liferainspoetry is a digital media platform accessible to a wide audience, but positioned to largely cater for a group of readers with an appetite for engaging content that speaks to their higher aspirations in life. 75% readership is male, aged between 22-34 and reside in urban metropolis.

Content Strategy:

Liferainspoetry profiles our affluent spaces, influential leaders, market-shakers and captains of industries. It offers an inside look into luxury living at its best and delivers  aspirational messages that cater to our need to grow both our professional and personal lives for us to achieve our fullest potential.

Editorial content includes:

•Thought Leadership series
•Product /book reviews
•Branding insights
•Entrepreneurship Report

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