Tony Gaskins: Live Your Purpose

 Tony Gaskins is a dynamic speaker and author that needs no introduction. His announcement on visiting South Africa has been met with a warm reception. I caught up with Tony and he shared with me what motivates what he does.

Arthur: Your visit to Johannesburg, South Africa on 17th May 2013 will be your first international speaking engagement. Does this mark a new chapter in your life?

Tony: This will be the first one that I’ve accepted and yes this is a new chapter of my life. I’m claiming new territory in my life so that means I have to go into new territories in my speaking and coaching careers as well.

Arthur: Being a professional writer, speaker and producer means giving a lot of who you are to the world. At the end of the day, what are some of the lessons that you take home with you?

Tony: The only thing I remind myself of constantly is that life is too fragile to be taken for granted and that I must fulfil my purpose with the time that I’ve been given because I don’t know when my last day on earth will be.

Arthur: From the onset in your career, you have been honest and transparent about some of the shortcomings in your past. What has that declaration meant in the greater scheme of who you are today?

Tony: My mess has become my message. I realize that in order to truly help others I must be transparent myself. I tell my story for God’s glory. It’s through my story and my mistakes that God can be shown to the world and people can see that living a life of faith can change your life.

Arthur: What motivates you to unearth the best in others?

Tony: The fact that God did it in me is what motivates me to help others find their purpose in life as I’ve found mine. I just want everyone I come  across with to find the peace, happiness, and purpose that I have.

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